Iliganon ka ba? 


Kasabot Ka Ani #1 – Kodak

Last night I thought of starting this series on Cebuano (especially as spoken in Iligan) expressions that are no longer in use. I thought this would be something to make my fellow Iliganons smile or laugh during these times of fear and uncertainty.

Ikatawa ta na lang atong kahadlok.

I don’t know if it’s true of most Cebuano speakers, but when I was a kid in Iligan I always heard this from older people: Kodak (stress on the second syllable) being used as a verb.

“Magpa-Kodak ka?” means “Do you want your photo taken?” Kodak was a famous brand then, and I think most people used this brand of camera.

These days I don’t think anyone would say, “magpa-iphone ka?” Or, “magpa-Nikon ka? Just doesn’t sound right, does it?

Have a safe Tuesday, Iligan!



Iligan Sunset

(The theme for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge is RARE.) Photographs of sunsets aren’t rare, but I love this photo I took of the sunset in my hometown — Iligan, Philippines. I don’t get to see this kind of view often because first, I only get to spend a maximum of three months a […]

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A Restaurant with a View

I don’t often go out to eat whenever I’m home in Iligan, but I do try to visit new places, not just for the food but also for the view! And the most recent visit I made was to Levan Hilltop View and Resort in Buruun. 

The resort part is actually still under construction, but their restaurant is open and the view is awesome. 

This place is quite close to a very memorable place for me, the Taytay Swimming Pool which I hope to visit again (it’s been 15 years!) 

Overlooking Iligan Bay, Levan Hilltop View is worth a visit. 

Barangay Buruun certainly has something more than just the Timoga cold springs to offer its visitors. 

Good job, Buruun! 

Sunset at Paseo de Santiago

I finally found the time to visit this place late in the afternoon. Beautiful sunset. But there  were too many people and loud loud music. I was hoping for a quiet time. But oh well at least the others who were there were having a grand time.

If you’re the party-going type, you’ll like this place in the afternoon through evening. For introverted people like me,  early morning would be the best time to visit this place.


Cool down at Mimar’s Springway Resort

It’s been years since my last swim at this pool, and I’m happy to see (and say) that the management has done a good job of making this place look much much nicer than before. 

When you’re in Iligan and can’t stand the heat and humidity,  cool down at Mimar’s.

Entrance fee: 100Php

Mimar’s Springway Resort
Timoga, Buruun, Iligan City 



Afternoon View of Mindanao Sea (Bohol Sea) 

  I took these photos during an afternoon flight home from Manila. When traveling I always make sure to look down from my window as the plane leaves or approaches Northern Mindanao. Mindanao and the surrounding bodies of water are a sight to behold.
I’m proud to call it home. 







The Flowers at Mercy Hospital



Hospitals are understandably depressing places. It is hard to see hospitals as a place for recovery. To most, hospitals equal sickness and death.

To people who visit hospitals, beauty is farthest from their minds. But seeing beauty can sometimes help us forget pain even just for a moment.

Seeing these beautiful flowers at the Mercy Community Hospital has not lessened the pain I bear at seeing my mother suffer, but they reminded me that in this life, in this world, there’s ugliness and there’s suffering, but beauty and hope exist as well.

I hope the Sisters of Mercy will grow more beautiful flowers as part of their hospital outdoor landscape design. 🙂

Mercy Community Hospital
Camague, Iligan City

Paseo de Santiago 

I’ve been home for two weeks now, but today’s the first time I had the chance to see what’s new in Iligan. And only because Eli’s class had an educational tour.

I was told Paseo de Santiago is quite popular among young people especially on Friday and Saturday nights. I’d love to see the sunset here. Someday. 🙂

Paseo de Santiago, Barangay Santiago

Tibanga, Iligan City


The Flowers of Timoga

Yesterday I went swimming at the De la Mar Spring Pools in Timoga. The water was ice cold at first, but after a few minutes of just staying in the water…it was still cold, but I got used to it and had a good swim. It was 6:30 in the morning, so there were very few people. I understand that business has not been as good as it was in the past years,and it costs a lot of money to maintain such a big place, but I hope they keep the place clean and … well, attractive.

This post is not about the pools though, but about the flowers you can see as soon as you enter the place. They have some really beautiful flowers. I’m no expert in the flora field, so you can name them if you know what they are called. Enjoy!

Viva Iligan!

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